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  Medical Services  

  Our 18 well equipped ambulances including an ICU ambulance are available for Emergency services, medivacs and transport patients with well trained EMT’s. Aerovac services are coordinated well for needed patient either in the area at time of disasters & big incidents Or with the MSD AEROVC.  

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Nursing Services

Clinical Services

Medical Imaging


  VIP Room – Those VIP patients are seen in this area.

Dental Room – This is the room for all the patients who are with an emergency dental problem or traumas.

Observation Room – Patients who are non-critical either female or children are seen in this area. Designed to treat infants, children and adolescent with serious illnesses or injuries.

E.R. Physicians and Nurses – A & E Department is well staffed with Nurses and qualified Doctors who can deal with all emergency situations.

EMT’s and Emegency Services – Are available for 24 hours on duty to serve & being dispatched once needed.
  Accident and Emergency Department  

The Accident and Emergency Department is a ‘port of entry’ of all hospitals universally. Here at NAAFH, it is a 28 bedded unit consisting of Trauma Bay (Male and Female), Observation Rooms for both genders, an OB-Gynae Room, a VIP Room, a Minor O.R. and a Major O.R. Room and last but not the least the Triage area. This unit caters for all kinds of patients who need acute care per shift which includes giving first line treatment for all emergency cases consisting of medical, surgical, pediatric and obstetric patients and being prepared for resuscitation of all medical, surgical and trauma patients whenever they step into E.R.

  Resuscitation of Trauma cases starts before reaching ED by a well trained EMS personnel who serves PHTLS at the scene of the incident  
  Ob/Gynae Room

Resuscitation Area

  commonly referred to as “Trauma” or “Resus” is a key area in ED wherein the most seriously ill or injured patients will be dealt with in this area, as it contains the equipment required for dealing with immediately life threatening illness and injuries. In this area, all beds are attached to a Cardiac Monitor with defibrillator and mobile ventilation and crash carts are available and stuffed with the necessary medications and instruments needed for resuscitation and stabilization of patients.  
This is the room for all pregnant patients with their complaints like PV bleeding, delivery cases and all related OB/Gynae problems. In this area you will find some devices like ultrasound, speculum, delivery set, incubator, suctioned machine, incubator, etc.



triage is normally the first stage the patient passes through and consists of a brief assessment including vital signs and the assignment of a “chief complaint” (i.e. chest pain, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, etc.). It is divided into two areas: (1) Male Triage Area and (2) Female Triage Area. In this area, you will find Electronic Weighing Scale (Adult) and (Pedia), Wall Mounted BP Apparatus, Pulse Oximeter, Alaris IVAC Thermometer and Dynamap with O2 sensor and BP cuff and a well trained staff for triaging patients.



  Minor O.R. – Patient whose condition is not immediately life threatening and such patients may still have been found to have significant problems, including fractures, dislocations and lacerations that require suturing and dressing. Some devices are found in this area like Wall mounted B/P Apparatus, fluorescent lamp, overhead light, 2 examination beds, cast cutter and casting cabinet, medical light, spine board and cardiac monitor.

Major O.R. – Available in ED for acute emergency and disaster victims.















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