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  Patient Information  

In the event of the Hospital being notified of an emergency situation during visiting time, all visitors will be asked to leave the Hospital by the main lobby.   

The Hospital has a well prepared emergency response plan, and must clear non-Hospital personnel quickly in order to put this plan into effect.  In such circumstances, your cooperation will be appreciated


Patient Rights  & Responsibility


All patients admitted to the Hospital have the right to be told the reason for their admission and the risks and benefits associated with any treatment.    The Hospital will strive to ensure that this information is provided in a language that the patient can understand.

Patients are asked to note that Hospital staff have significant responsibilities and sometimes it may be necessary to wait until the doctor or nurse has finished dealing with something that may have a higher priority.   We appreciate your patience in such cases.  

Outpatient Appointments

Please attend for your outpatient appointment on time.   If you are late for an appointment you may have to wait until the doctor is free or until the end of the clinic.   If you cannot attend, please contact the Hospital as soon as possible so that the appointment can be reassigned to another patient

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Visiting Hours


From Sunday to Friday, visiting hours are:


Afternoon     3pm-5pm    

Evening         7pm-9pm




Although we try to ensure your stay or visit is as pleasant as possible, there may be occasions when the expectations of patients or visitors are not met.   In such circumstances we advise you to do the following:

  1. Ask to speak to the Head Nurse/Charge Nurse or to the person in charge of the area.

  2. If the problem is not resolved, ask to speak with the Duty Officer who will attempt to deal with the matter.   There is an officer on duty 24hrs a day.


Hospital Services:


The Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital provides the eligible population of King Khalid Military City with a wide range of high quality Medical Services .   These services include:

  • Internal Medicine

  • Surgery

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Paediatrics

  • Family & Community Medicine

  • Dental & Oral Surgery

  • Flight Medicine

  • Emergency Room

  • Preventative Medicine

  • Environmental Health

  • Social Work

  • Physiotherapy

  • Outpatients Departments

  • Individual Patient Rooms

  • Day Case Surgery

  • Haemodialysis

  • Neonatal Intensive Care

  • Paediatric Intensive Care

  • Adult Intensive Care

  • Alternative Medicine

A wide range of specialty services is also available and you will be referred to these as necessary by the responsible physician.


Visitor Regulations


The Hospital appreciates that families and friends will want to visit patients with the minimum of difficulty, but the interests of  patients must be considered.   The following regulations are intended to ensure the well-being of patients, visitors, and staff and we appreciate your cooperation in following these rules:

  • Visiting cards can be collected at the Security Desk in the main lobby - the visitor's ID will be held until the Visiting Card is returned

  • Please note that in the interests of safety, children under the age of 12 years are not permitted to visit patients

  • Visiting cards are colour coded for each floor of the Hospital

  • No more than two visitors in a patient room at one time

  • Additional visitors must wait in reception and not in the ward.

  • When a visitor is admitted during non scheduled visiting hours, for example, to accompany a discharged patient, a yellow Visiting card is provided at the Security Desk in the main lobby

  • Please do not give the patient food or drink until you have confirmed his/her status with the Head Nurse



Access to the Hospital


Patients attending for Outpatients Dept 1 (Paediatrics), Outpatients Dept 2 (Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Medicine and Specimen Collection) should proceed to the Car Park adjacent the Helicopter Pad (Car Park B on the attached sketch map), and enter the Hospital through Entrance D).


Ambulatory Patients attending the Emergency Room should also park in Car Park B, and proceed to the ER Entrance (Entrance E)


Patients for Outpatients Dept 3 (Surgical, Psychiatry, Flight Medicine, VIP Clinic) should park in Car Park A and proceed to the Main Lobby through Entrance A.


Patients wishing to Register or make an Appointment should park in Car Park A and proceed to the Appointments & Registration Desk  which is located on the right side of the Hospital Shop - through the double doors facing the entrance.

For Outpatients Department 1 and 2, use Car Park B and enter by Entrance D

For Emergency Room, use Car Park B and enter by Entrance E

For Outpatients Department 3, Appointments/Registration or Visiting, use Car Park A and enter by Main Entrance A

OPD 1: Paediatrics

OPD 2: Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Medicine

OPD 3: Surgery, VIP, Psychiatry, Flight Medicine
















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