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                            Patient Rights 

Welcome to Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital (NAAFH).

The Health Care Team of NAAFH is dedicated to provide high quality patient care. Our goal is to meet the patientís healthcare needs in a manner that is efficient, effective and compassionate.

Because we respect the patientís best interests, we would like to give you the following information which will hopefully be of great help during your stay in NAAFH.

As a patient in NAAFH, and consistent  with MSD standards and the Kingdomís traditions and customs, you have the following rights:


1. 1 The right to access care and health services that NAAFH provides in a safe and clean environment .

1.2  The right to receive an understandable explanation from the specialized health care team of your complete medical condition, recommended treatment, expected results, risks involved, and reasonable alternatives.

1.3  Before any invasive/non-invasive procedure or before any participation in a research project or clinical trial, the patient has the right to be informed thoroughly and sign a consent form.

1.4 The right to change his/her mind even after he/she signed the consent prior to any procedure

1.5 The right to refuse the proposed medication, treatment and/or admission by signing an Against Medical Advice (AMA) form after possible consequences of this decision have been explained in a clear and understandable manner, unless the situation is life-threatening .

1.6 The right to refuse to stay in the hospital and to be discharged against medical advice (AMA) unless the situation is life-threatening.

1.7 The right to be visited by the medical team daily 


2. Communication and Information

2.1 The right to be informed of the names, functions and professional status of the hospital staff directly involved in the provided care

2.2 The right to receive the service of an interpreter if needed to help in communication with the healthcare providers

2.3 The right to be advised about the hospital rules and regulations regarding conduct of patients, visitors and companions.

2.4 The right to be orientated about the room and the setting upon admission.


3. Medical Records

3.1 The right to have necessary documents such as medical reports, sick leave, notifications as required and in conformity with NAAFH policy


4. Privacy and Confidentiality

4.1 The right to physical privacy during treatment and personal hygiene unless assistance is needed

4.2 The right to ask for a person of the same sex for treatment. If not possible, presence of a person of the same gender may be requested

4.3 The right to confidentiality of information and records


5. Discharge Planning

5.1 The  right to receive complete information on continuation of care/ treatment at home.

5.2 The  right to receive appointments, prescriptions and notifications upon discharge

5.3 The right to be transferred to another facility on request by the patient or family, or in instances where the hospital cannot provide the required treatment and the host facility accept the transfer.











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