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Recruitment department is attracting the most qualified workforces from the Saudi Nationals as well as from other Nationalities abroad. The first priority is to hire the qualified and experienced Saudis in all areas, such as Medical, Para-medical, Technical and Administrative fields alike.


We also recruit from different areas world wide to assure the best quality of patients health care to Military Saudi personnel and their families.


KKMC Recruitment Managementís success is based on a strong code of transparency and dedication to service excellence  and extensive experience with multi-nationals all over the world.


KKMC Recruitment Management is committed to fulfill the human resources needs of various departments in the Hospital and to work as a team strive to meet any challenges.



To achieve this ultimate objective, Recruitment Management realizes how significant the role of recruitment is. Therefore, we have appointed numerous recruitment agents to provide us with the elite of candidates.

We have agents in the Middle East ( Syria, Jordan & Egypt ), Far East ( Philippines, India, Sri lanka & Pakistan ), England, South Africa and China.


Recruitment Department Staff would be happy and pleased to receive the curriculum vitae of any interested candidate who likes to join the human resources forces at KKMC Hospital Program and upon evaluation, we would keep all candidates updated with the recruitment status as far as availability and suitability.


KKMC Recruitment can easily be approached to answer any queries associated to recruitment of personals whether Saudi Citizens or others from other nationalities locally and internationally.


The Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital periodically has vacancies for medical, nursing, technical and administrative staff.   If you feel you have the necessary qualifications for any of the vacancies listed below, please contact the recruitment agent in your country (click here for a list of Agents by country), or contact the Recruitment Department at:   recruit@kkmch.med.sa


Postal address:


Northern Armed Forces Hospital

King Khalid Military City

PO Box 10018

Hafr Al Batin 31991

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 


Telephone #  00 966 3 787 3466

Fax #             00 966 3 787 0647     

E-Mail address: recruit@kkmch.med.sa










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