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King Khalid Military City (KKMC) is situated around 400 kilometers northeast of Riyadh, close to the town of Hafr Al Batin.   KKMC supports a mixed military and civilian population for whom the Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital (NAAFH) provides primary and secondary healthcare services.   At different times the Hospital has been known unofficially as King Khalid Military City Hospital (KKMCH).



Over 800 housing units are available at the Hospital, including single female apartments, family villas, guest accommodation and single male apartments.   Allocation to these is based on contract status, but utilities and maintenance are provided free of charge for all employees.

KKMC has a wide variety of shops and several large supermarkets.   There is regular Hospital transport to the local shops as well as to the nearby town of Hafr Al Batin where there are modern malls as well as a traditional Arabic 'Souk' - (open air market).     Staff can also take advantage of periodic shopping trips to Riyadh, or to the resort of Al Khobar on the Arabian Gulf coast.  Al Khobar contains the renowned 'Al Rashid Mall' - a world class shopping complex - see links below.



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